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Reconectando Canarias

Platform made for Canary people living outside of islands to get in touch with friends and working entities, giving them possibility to come back to their own land. Also try to ease procedures for residents who want to go out to work in other countries. We think this will rich you as person and get...



This idea started becouse there wasn't any group in our locality about Dota2 game. Some friends built a community which growed up so fast through social media and finally let us to create our website to keep informed members about latest news, events, and gatherings.

I invite you to visit our...


La Palma Explorer


La Palma Explorer offers you a tailor-made maritime excursion, you decide what you want to see and time of your excursion. Take a walk and see coastline, visit La Cueva Bonita, swim in charming places, sighting of cetaceans or avenues, gathering walkers in beach, etc.