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La Palma Explorer


La Palma Explorer offers you a tailor-made maritime excursion, you decide what you want to see and time of your excursion. Take a walk and see coastline, visit La Cueva Bonita, swim in charming places, sighting of cetaceans or avenues, gathering walkers in beach, etc.

It isn't hard to me understand what kind of website needed that business. It was required to create a booking online system and translations to ease tourists access. Also it has included a gallery about cetaceans and excursions, and finally add place in Google Maps due it wasn't visible from road.

Special emphasis has been placed on Responsive design, clean and clear. Trying to keep user inmersed in a marine theme. I have also developed a modern contact page adapted to today's time.


  • eCommerce booking
  • SEO positioning
  • Contact form
  • Google Maps location
  • Responsive design
  • Multilanguage