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It's a service oriented to athletes, coachings, institutions or clubs which improves perfomance through graphological tests and exercises.

From your hand to your brain is the concept of this only one system in the world. It consists of an app (iOS) to read your writting tests and exercises and providing results inmediatly thanks to our algorithm.

Any professional athlete needs a good physical trainning and also good mental skills to achieve objectives. This solution focus on last one becouse there are no many services where you can have this kind of coaching. A team of analysts complement the algorithm to correct each test and exercises to propose new ones that will stimulate certain mental faculties. Everyone is different, and just like any athlete needs a customized physical training plan is also neccesary a specific plan to train the mind.

There are 4 training plans: basic, advanced, premium and elite.

Graffos App


  • Backend development
  • Server managing and maintenance
  • API REST collaboration to Yoné Rocha
  • Fronted fixs and some updates
  • Landing page

The Team

Development Team

It's the key of succesful in any company or project. I feel so lucky to get in touch with a very professional, pleasant and helpful people like that. Work with them have been very easy, and it's a good experience to know what should I look for in future, a good working environmnet.

Thankful to:
  • Yoné Rocha
  • Alejandro Ramón Hernández
  • Iván Sánchez