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Bootstrap Blog

Grav is so powerful! Indeed this blog it's built on this tool.

I love pureness, and due I didn't find any theme using default Bootstrap framework with features I needed, so think it's enough reason to create my own Grav template named Bootstrap Blog (I lost chance to name it Blogstrap!). It is very focused on offer a lightweight implementation of Bootstrap also using latest FontAwesome 5. In addition, there are many modular templates, buttons, and admin panel options to simplify usage for newcomming users.


This is the main component of theme. You are able to set Bootstrap Theme Colors in almost templates, customizing background, text and buttons colors according to it. I make use of some Twig macros to help me in the process.


Blog modular and non-modular templates let you render item collections in 3 different layouts.

  • Boxed - As default layout print a box with first folder image (if exists), tags, categories, date and summary
  • Cards - Items in columns where background and text color change from item's style parameter
  • Masonry - Minified version showing featured pic and content on hover, except when there's no image so content will appear first

Showcase Image Actions

One of the most powerful options I'm proud to implement. You're able to setup your own image filters from Grav Image Actions to override default template actions. It's still a Beta feature, so keep calm and report if you find any error . Right now, when no argument is needed you must type null.

  brightness: -100
  colorize: '-35,81,122'
  negate: null

FontAwesome 5

Latest version of this amazing icons library is included in theme. Solid icons are selected by default, remember to add fab or far when you need to use Brand or Regular.

Demo and download

Feel free to visit demo page where I'm posting some useful content, log history and tips.

Demo Download