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Welcome to my blog!

Hi all! Welcome to my Blog, my name is Ayoze Hernández Díaz and I'm Full-Stack Web Developer. My main inteend in this site is help to other developers/users/newbies to understand programming and serve as an open door about my projects, motivations, etc.

I'm gonna try to publish at least 1 post monthly, which requires a big effort until get used to that. Anyway I've planned somethings to don't fall into abandonment temptation. Trello, Grav and Markdown are my new allies in this adventure. No matter if my content is not suits to you, you can leave a comment or visit any other blog... This is a personal challenge.

Symfony, WordPress, Linux, Apache, Git, PHP and any web technology would be posted here as well as I'm growing up in skills. You're free to extend, reuse or "retweet" my articles becouse I believe in open source and free content if that is helpful to anyone.

Feel free to surf here, sailor!