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Manjaro update crash on Nvidia and some old kernel versions

I experienced some troubles upgrading my Manjaro system today. At beginning the error sounds simple, but in deep I had to do some tweakings and packages removes to get everything working again. Anyway let's see first what happened in detail.

  • Nvidia-utils wants to be updated to 430.26 but is blocked by linux50-nvidia (could be any other kernel version linuxXX).
  • Downgrade to 4.19 and then update should work, but my dkms module to enable a wifi dongle will fail.

Reached this point the best solution was switch to open-source Nouveau driver and run pacman -Syu again to avoid nvidia-utils conflict. So I started removing propietary nvidia driver:

pacman -Rs linux50-nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils

And install the Nouveau driver if you haven't yet: pacman -S xf86-video-nouveau

Now there isn't any blocked package so you can upgrade your system safely.

pacman -Syu

Unfortunately after reboot I detected systemsettings5 or KDE System Settings crashed due a missing OpenGL library. After a little googling I found a post having a similar problem switching from Nvidia to Nouveau, in that moment I realised Nvidia propietary driver was uninstalled, so many OpenGL extensions should be missing. Once done to ensure functionality I removed nouveau driver which is currently causing problems: pacman -R xf86-video-nouveau.

And finally install propietary Nvidia drivers for your kernel:

pacman -S linux51-nvidia

Reboot and now everything should be working fine.

If you find any problem please report it on Manjaro Forum.