This is me


From the beginning...

I grew up in a town far away from the city, without noise or intense life that doesn't allow you to take a break in a big city. So I had time to play, develop my creativity and in short have a happy infancy. Another key was my friends, I can't be luckier when I found four great friends of those you know will be for ever. I also want to give the thanks to my mother becouse without her, probably I never would be what I am today... Since then, I liked to wonder the world as in this photograph.

In a Starbucks in Madrid when I was 10

I keep working my studies until I get to a turning point where I had to decide how to make my living. And here starts the second chapter of my life...

Developer by vocation

There is nothing better than working on your hobby

I have always considered as self-taught, which has helped me a lot in every situations of my life. I started studying a degree on web development that allowed me to start with the most basic knowledge about software creation. When I finished I was so lucky and found a job as Backend Developer in Graffos. There I met 3 big devs whom I still have a great friendship, I was training in everything a good developer needs today like frameworks, Bootstrap, SOLID principles, OOP, etc.

Developing in Graffos

And today my technical profile summary is:
Web developer able to carry out tasks of backend, frontend, systems management, APIs, networks and the different components that are needed to implement a web service.

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