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Full-stack web developer with experience in numerous projects of different nature. Gamer since I have memories, but I don't have enough time to play. I am also a musician, guitar lover and percussionist.

Developing a better world



Because development hasn't to be bored

Manjaro update crash on Nvidia and some old kernel versions

I experienced some troubles upgrading my Manjaro system today. At beginning the error sounds simple, but in deep I had to do some tweakings and packages removes to get everything working again. Anyway let's see first what happened in detail.

Bug, Manjaro

Redis setting up in Symfony

Redis setting up in Symfony

Caching database results is a must in every mid-big project nowadays. And one of the best engines for this job is Redis. Even with a not totally implementation, it makes a huge perfomance step forward, significatly bigger in concurrent requests.

Redis, Symfony

Git Basic Usage

Git has become the main version control system for our code. This means we need a good understanding of Git to maintain/contribute/develop any software nowaday.